Tattoo Doctor was derived from a formula that treats and cures severe diabetic wounds, but is now specially formulated to provide the best tattoo aftercare you can find, killing bacteria and fungi to prevent infection, while supporting your immune system to speed healing and preserve the quality of your tattoo. Doctors recommend keeping a wound moist to aid healing, with wounds healing up to 50% faster under these conditions.1,2 Some artists will tell you to let your tattoo “breathe”, which will slow down healing and could lead to infection. A freshly applied tattoo is a wound – large amounts of tiny punctures in your skin, and treating it as such will lead to better, faster recovery with a vibrant and long-lasting tattoo as the outcome.

Our formulation supplies an antioxidant to your skin to eliminate free radicals, which supports skin cell reproduction, getting your tattoo through the healing process faster. Some of the worst damage to tattoos comes from inadvertent scratching of the tattoo due to itching. Tattoo Doctor prevents this by keeping your skin healthy and fresh, and by improving the texture of your skin.3

Tattoo Doctor is the best formulation available for tattoo aftercare. Get your tube before your next tattoo!

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