Welcome to Tattoo Doctor!


Tattoo Doctor is a specially formulated tattoo aftercare product that really works!


Tattoo Doctor does not require a prescription, so you can pick up a tube right after getting fresh ink (and we recommend it)! Tattoo Doctor helps preserve color, speeds healing, and prevents infections, making sure you can show off your latest tattoo as soon as possible! Tattoo Doctor can be shipped anywhere in the U.S.


Protect your tattoo investment throughout its lifetime. A well-healed tattoo lasts longer, so the healing process is very critical to increasing the longevity of the tattoo.


If you are a tattoo artist or run a tattoo shop or body art studio and are interesting in selling Tattoo Doctor to your clients, you can apply to become a reseller at the “Reseller Sign Up” link above, or click here. Once approved, you can order cases of Tattoo Doctor to make sure your clients get the best possible tattoo or body art experience.